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Cristina Scarlatelli

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Cristina Scarlatelli

Posted on:
November 21, 2017

Keep Calm, There’s an SOP for That

For a CEO, there are few things more terrifying than hearing that an integral member of the team just quit. You might remember the Call Willory video where CEO Gary – while purchasing a yacht for his upcoming trip to Mexico – finds out his payroll manager has just quit. His immediate reaction is to think, “It’s ok, someone else can do it.” But then he’s reminded that no one else can do it, because no one else knows not only the organization’s way to process payroll, but how to process payroll at all. No Julia meant no payroll. His solution is to call Willory to help him find a replacement for Julia, but in the meantime, since no one knows how to do Julia’s job, the company is freaking out, the entire staff is wondering if they are going to get paid on time, and Gary wonders how bad it will look if he still buys that yacht.

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