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Bridgette Klein

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Bridgette Klein

Posted on:
November 9, 2016

What a Trump Win Means for HR and Payroll

electoral-college-mapLast night the voices of the nation proved the media and election polls wrong. For many the election of Donald Trump to the presidency signaled a call for change. What happens now is a nation that proved itself significantly divided, but ready for a major shake-up, will begin to repair itself and wait to see what January 2017 brings.

We are a nation of amazing people. Each one of us is a little different, but it is when the people of this nation unite that we are at our best. Right now half of our country feels raw, but it is up to us as individuals and as a nation to work together towards making our country stronger and once again unified. It is up to us in HR to ensure all employees feel safe at work and not discriminated against.

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