The Entrepreneurial Interviewer

shark-tankWhether you are one, have worked for one, or simply know one, you are probably well aware of the entrepreneur’s mentality.  And if not, seek one out because one great way to succeed in the job search process is to think like an entrepreneur.  Put yourself in the shoes of a business owner who focuses mostly on the bottom line.

It’s Not Personal, It’s Business.
Looking at the hiring process from an entrepreneur’s perspective keeps you focused on the fact that entrepreneurs and employers are looking for a return on their investment. That’s what you are to an entrepreneur – a potential investment of X dollars a year in total compensation. And for that investment, your part – no matter what the position you are applying for – is to help the business succeed and make money.  The investment in you should yield net financial benefits to the company.

What’s In It For Me?
Yes – it is an interview.  And, yes – it is important that the job matches your needs… but switch your perspective and ask yourself – what’s in it for the employer.  When answering interview questions make sure you do so by illustrating how your talents and skills could benefit the business.

Know Your Net Worth
Enter an interview thinking more about what value you deliver to an organization more than being concerned with your market competitive salary demands.  If you have a clear picture of the outcomes you can deliver and corresponding business value, you will resonate with an entrepreneur’s bottom-line mentality. Employers care less about the path you take than they do the results you make. Highlight these during interviews. And don’t look at “value” simply as a revenue-driving measure.  Any challenge overcome, bottleneck eliminated, process improved, etc. equates to value.

Channel Your Inner Trump
Donald Trump never shies away from taking credit.  In fact, he looks for the credit and runs toward like a lion attacking its prey.  No one wants to hire someone unbearably arrogant, but take credit for your accomplishments.  If you led an initiative, say so. Have stories in your back pocket highlighting your accomplishments – the challenge, actions taken to solve it, and the results accomplished.

Take Ownership
Convincing an employer that you will treat the business as you would your own will go a long way in convincing the employer that you are an investment worth making.

You’ll land the job fast, and you’ll make an impression that garners you favor when there’s a promotion opportunity.


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