The New Job Roller Coaster


Interviewing is difficult, especially if it’s for a position you really want or the process is drawn out with either lots of steps or a lot of delays. As a candidate you will often feel out of the loop (because you are) and unsure. It’s an emotional roller coaster as you attempt to manage the job seeking process with the responsibilities of your current job. So how do you get through the roller coaster? Here are a few tips:

Stay in the Moment
Hopefully you aced the interview, but don’t assume that will get you the job or even the next interview.  Your interpretation of how an interview has gone for your next HR/payroll opportunity may differ than the hiring team, and even if you absolutely nailed the interview, you don’t know who else is in the running or if someone “perfect” for the HR/payroll position comes in after you. Be excited for the opportunity, but don’t mentally place yourself in the HR/payroll position or it could end up crushing you if you aren’t the chosen candidate.

Ask Questions
We all know that it is important to ask questions in interviews, but don’t forget to ask how you stack up to the competition. This can help you gain insight into what the next steps may be and if you are doing as well as you might think you are.

Learning Experience
Approach all interviews as a learning experience and as a chance to network in the HR/payroll community. You never know when you might meet a person you interviewed with along the way. Every interview is different, but the more you interview, the more comfortable you will be with the process.

Never Underestimate Interactions
Every meeting, interaction, or communication is subject to scrutiny. Also, don’t underestimate who you may be meeting in the halls or at the reception desk. Hiring managers will often go to these people to see if any impressions, positive or negative, were made.

Let it Rip
Care enough to do your best, but not too much that you overthink or get nervous and choke. Approach all interviews with preparation, but don’t work yourself into a frenzy. Make sure you put your best foot forward and know that everything happens for a reason. If the outcome isn’t in your favor, handle it with grace and dignity.

As you are interviewing work on establishing a line of communication and expectations with the recruiter and hiring team. By understanding when you might hear from them or how best to reach them if something should come up, you’ll be better prepared to handle the roller coaster that is interviewing.  And if you’re interviewing with Willory as your intermediary, you’re sure to be in the loop as to how you stack up for your next HR/payroll opportunity.


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