Use Your Hand to Land the Maximum Job Offer

Congratulations – you’ve sent your resume, achieved a first, second, and maybe even third interview and you’ve gotten a job offer.

So the tables are turned – to quote George Costanza, you now have “hand” in this relationship.  With an offer, before you have accepted, now is the time to smartly negotiate.

If you feel you deserve more vacation time, ask for it before you accept.  If the compensation is not aligned with what you desired, broach the subject with factual backup.  If you hoped to have flex hours or work from home a day or two – be confident to have the discussion before you accept.

Often we see candidates rush to accept without making simple requests for changes in an offer.  Maybe its as simple as having some flexible time or working from home one day a week.  Waiting until you have accepted or start the position turns a simple request (when YOU have hand) to an iffy, less likely to be agreed upon situation.

Of course you need to be calm, professional, and respectful when making these requests – often having a third party like Willory helps with these negotiations.





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