What in the Actual H-E-Double Hockey Sticks?

One thing I tend to ask daily is “What in the actual hell?” Why you ask? Buzzwords.

I don’t know about you, but corporate jargon makes me want to repeatedly slam my head against a brick wall. Words all too commonly found in presentations, blogs, articles and reports that are used to deliver a momentarily big impact. Add one of these words to your speech they say your perceived IQ will allegedly skyrocket?

No, buzzwords don’t connect you to people.  They are meant to set yourself apart and maybe even above others. They are overused, over played and overworked in today’s society. Let’s be authentic, let’s be real, let’s truly connect with people.

I mean, come on, do the words synergy or core competencies really belong in your vocabulary? How about thinking outside the box, holistic approach, and heaven forbid the crazy dreaded millennials…those young slackers (said the millennial jokingly).

Most people have an innate desire to connect with people. Whether you are having a one-on-one conversation or talking to an audience of 5,000 people, it’s about connection. You want to demonstrate that you are genuine and that you care about their interests. You want to be helpful.  What if we start overusing words like awesome sauce, or kick ass, or how about thank you, rock star or the infamous beer o’clock? How will that change the relationships you build with people?

 A friend (@SteveBrowne) once said we must have fun with our colleagues. Let’s mess with them. Play pranks. Have fun! I just love that! Let’s not be so serious all the time. Be yourself. Be vulnerable. It doesn’t make you any less intelligent. It doesn’t take away your knowledge. It does something incredible. It does something unbelievable. It makes you likeable.

So, I ask you, what in the actual hell are these buzzwords we are using and why are we using them?

Just. Stop. Find better words and make invaluable connections.


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