4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Job Searching in 2016

jbIt’s the time of year when people start crafting their New Year’s resolutions based upon what is important to them. If you’re thinking about improving your overall happiness, perhaps it’s a great time to start looking for a new job. Workplace happiness plays a big part on your overall health and happiness. It makes no sense to stay in a position that is draining your when there are great opportunities out there. And there are many HR and payroll positions waiting for the right candidate.

While many will revel in holiday parties and thinking business isn’t going to happen in December, you can be out there applying, interviewing, and negotiating offers.

  1. The Economy
    A few years ago companies were able to keep people in positions that made them unhappy by saying how lucky the employee should feel just to have a job. That’s no longer the case. In November, the U.S. economy added 211,000 jobs. And yes, many are HR and payroll jobs. This means that you don’t have to settle. You deserve a career at a company you enjoy working for. As the economy improves companies are also looking to invest in new technology (including HR systems) and are adding back positions that may have been consolidated a few years back.
  2. Available Openings
    People assume there aren’t as many openings this time of year. Wrong. Who knows where this misinformation emanated from, but use it to your advantage. Organizations looking to hit 2016 running will have the foresight to post their openings now. While other people are waiting for January to start job-hunting, start now.
  3. Time to prepare and interview
    You probably have additional time off right now. Use this to either prepare or to schedule interviews when you don’t have to ask for time off. Interviewing as a whole can be a stressful process, but we understand that the application process and just scheduling interview times add to the stress level. Even if you’re not quite ready to apply for jobs, use your extra down time to start searching what is out there and updating your resume.
  4. Start the year off right
    What better way to start 2016 than with a new job you are excited about? By starting the application process now, there will be less down time between the New Year and actually getting started in your new position.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our JOBS page to see our array of HR, Payroll, Benefits, HR Systems, and Consulting positions available. Don’t see what you’re looking for? You can SUBMIT YOUR RESUME or email it to us at info@willory.com.


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