Career Development Tips From Team Willory

nyWe’re wrapping up the year with some tips that you could, and we emphasize could use as New Year’s Resolutions.

Put Business Priorities First
It’s easy to do what you love – what’s hard is aligning your priorities and what you do each day. It’s easy to put off the least desirable tasks for late in the day… or tomorrow. Align what you do with what’s most important for your business and your HR/payroll role rather than what you prefer to do. Not sure what your priorities should be? Make lists and track them in a tool like Evernote or Outlook… whether you like it or not, priorities will be self-evident when you take a step back and look at the list.

Don’t Be Complacent
It is easy to become comfortable – it is even good to be thriving in your HR or payroll role. Problem is, comfort can often lead to complacency. Keep challenging yourself in and out of the workplace. Look for HR and payroll professional development opportunities (Willory will be continuing these next year). Make sure you are involved with your local SHRM or APA chapters and other networking groups in HR and payroll to stay current on industry trends. These are also great places to make connections if you decide to start looking for a new position.

Make a Plan
Whether your plan is to move on to another HR or payroll position or simply to grow in your current role, reevaluating your goals each year is an exercise you should undertake. Hove annual goals and break these down with milestones and smaller goals to achieve throughout the year.

Don’t Go Down with the Ship
No one is giving you a medal for sticking it out if your company is in trouble. Your position in HR and/or payroll gives you a unique perspective into such things and since you know the realities of “cost” jobs and “revenue-generating jobs,” you probably should call Willory if you see the signs.

Keep an Eye on the Bright Side
Sometimes an HR/payroll job can get boring. Sometimes you may feel like you are in a rut. If you are, be grateful that you have a position that allows you to look for something else… and call Willory.

The bright side can also be that the Holiday Season is upon us – we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and we’d love to help you have a prosperous New Year.


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