Tips to Get Your Job Search Started

toeAs another year draws to a close, you may be taking a step back and considering a job search – at least dipping your toe into looking for an HR/payroll position. Before you jump in, there are several things you will want to do to get ready, and December is a great time to do that.

Cleanup Your Online Presence
Look at your social media and get rid of things that could even be considered borderline controversial and Facebook has pretty intense privacy settings if you use them. Also Google yourself for anything negative and if you find something untrue, try to get it pulled down or plan on how to address it in interviews.

Update Your Resume
We’ve talked about what makes a resume stand out – so don’t just slap your latest job on there and start sending. Spend time to polish your resume and customize it for a few different instances. Back your qualifications up with data and achievements. And of course make sure your resume is error-free and grammatically correct.

Refine Your Interview Skills
Every HR and payroll position obtained is earned through effective interviewing. Practice with friends and colleagues answering tough questions, asking insightful ones, and being at ease in an interview.

Don’t Forget the Tax Breaks
If you are in HR and payroll and you continue to look within the HR and payroll disciplines then expenses for a job search are tax deductible. These may not be significant, but every little bit helps!

Looking for a job can be overwhelming – there are no shortage of jobs and job boards. Take the time to determine what your next HR/payroll job should look like and maybe even develop a list of companies you’d like to work for. Wide blasts typically don’t work. It’s also a great idea to turn to Willory for help in finding your next HR/payroll position. We not only look to help each and every qualified HR and payroll candidate that comes to us, but we proactively push our more qualified candidates to our partner businesses, making them aware of you whether they have a posted opening or not.




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