Lisa (Dean) Mamula

Common Characteristics of Great Leaders

I am in the enviable position where I get to speak with successful people every day. And with daily interaction comes a realization that awesome leaders have similar characteristics. As we reflect and look for resolutions or to “do better” next year, ask yourself… How am I doing as a leader?

Hall of Fame NFL coach Bill Parcells used to say, “You are what your record says you are.” This is a pretty straightforward way of saying that results speak for themselves and the scoreboard tells us how we are doing. Give your own team members a scoreboard to measure themselves against with performance metrics that are both high and attainable. And great leaders are not only scoreboard keepers; they have their own metrics they are pursuing relentlessly as they serve as an example to a hardworking, motivated team.

Truth Tellers
Leaders don’t passively accept excuses, they proactively look for solutions. Awesome leaders don’t let circumstances beat them or their team back as they bring energy and optimism to overcome challenges. No one is saying smile and everything will be fine, but with every challenge comes an opportunity. Find it and help your employees build their own self-confidence as they overcome challenges.

Great leaders remain steady and committed to their path. Top-performing bosses do not allow intimidation or harsh business environments to dictate their business approach. They are unwavering in their quest to preserve profitability and prevent bad habits from forming within the group.

Be steady. Be consistent. Give your employees goals and stick to that. Don’t change the target or be easily swayed. Be flexible, but steady.

The best leaders can get things done themselves, so naturally their employees see their advice. Be a source of insight and action.

Company Men and Women.
Leaders may be selfish, but they never appear so. Always project that the company and your team comes first. If your team succeeds as a leader, you succeed.

Good luck with leading your team in 2015!



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