Don’t Sabotage Your Own Job Search

sabFinding a job is rarely easy. But if you are looking for an HR or payroll position, make sure you don’t make it harder on yourself than in already is.

Often we are approached by great HR and/or payroll candidates that are gaining little to no traction with their search. We are always here to help and often match awesome candidates with great jobs. But whether you look for us in your HR or payroll search or not… make sure you avoid these common mistakes.

Target the RIGHT Jobs. You shouldn’t be applying for an HR or payroll position that is “beneath” you any more than you should be applying for VP of HR after two months’ experience. Find a mentor, peers in your field that can help you narrow in on the jobs you should be shooting for. We can help as well.

Fix Your Resume. We have talked about some Do’s and Don’ts for resumes. The most important takeaway is your resume should be reflective of the job you are looking for. If you are new to HR or payroll, I do not need three pages highlighting your experience as a salesperson. Your resume should be relevant to the jobs you are going after. Yes your other accomplishments matter – but don’t do more than mention them unless they are applicable to the positions for which you are applying. Much like a cover letter should be targeted for each position, so should your resume. You can find all our past articles about crafting the perfect resume here.

The Activity Everyone Hates. Networking. If you are in introvert, you hate it. If you are an extrovert, you hate it but pretend to like it. That’s the secret about networking – no one enjoys it. Take solace in that when you get out and attend events and speak with your contacts. Everyone is in the same boat… relax and do the best you can. But by all means, do the best you can and stop avoiding it.

At the end of the day Willory can help you land an HR or payroll position no matter the level. But if you go it alone, don’t sabotage your chances.


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