Interviewing 101: Some Tips to Set Yourself Apart

intCongratulations – you have the qualifications resume and cover letter (assuming it has been read) to land an interview. That’s the good news. The bad news? Now comes the hard part.

Don’t get cocky because you’ve landed the interview – now is the time to up your game and work hard to secure an offer. But with multiple and often many candidates vying for this single position, do you have any control over whether you get the job? Of course you do, otherwise hiring would be solely based on your resume and experience.

Here are some tips for setting yourself apart from other qualified candidates in the interviewing process.

Be yourself. There is only one you – and you need to be that person in the interview. But you need to be your best self, which includes…

Staying positive. No one likes to work with Eeyore’s. Chances are something in the interview will not sit right, bum you out, or just not be perfect. Don’t dwell on it – if you let it get you down it will show. Nowhere is perfect and if you get an offer, you may be able to negotiate. Remain enthusiastic because people are attracted to (and hire) upbeat people. You will also get a tough question or two – if you don’t answer it well – it’s okay – laugh it off and remain upbeat. Don’t let a bad moment spiral into a bad interview.

It’s not about you. In the first interview, focus on everything you have to offer the employer including your skills, talents, and direct experience that will fill the role and make you the perfect HR or payroll candidate.

Focus on the job. If you can’t help yourself – leave your phone in your car. Be engaged and in the moment. Today. That’s no small thing. No matter what comes along, remain focused on how you can help the company and lend your HR or payroll expertise to the role.

Ask questions smartly. You know how to ask questions in a way that is inquisitive… and in a way that will put someone on the defensive. Be careful to be prepared with questions and ask them with a smile on your face.

Successful interviewing is not rocket science, but if you want more guidance check out our online resources. Be prepared, upbeat, and attentive and if you are the right fit it will all work out.


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