Willory's 5th Anniversary

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our fifth anniversary with us! It was a great time and we are so honored that so many of our friends came out on October 15, 2015.
#Willory5 TRIVIA Answers:
Question 1: Who was Willory’s first employee?
Answer 1: Willory’s first official employee was Bob Haas. You can see what Bob is up to by visiting him on Twitter (https://twitter.com/bob_haas_).
Question 2: How many children have been born while their parents have been employed with Willory?
Answer 2: Two children have been born with another on the way.
Question 3: What did John throw during his DisruptHR speech in February 2015?
Answer 3: Footballs!
Question 4: Where does the name Willory come from?
Answer 4: It’s a portmanteau of John’s children’s names. Learn more >>
Question 5: What is Willory’s tagline?
Answer 5: Staffing and consulting for HR & Payroll
Below are some of the photos from the evening.