Building Your Job Search Strategy

bldgYour search for your next HR or payroll opportunity – if it is to be successful – will most likely need a strategy. It’s easy to get lost in the details of just checking job listings and blasting resumes out. But that is not strategic, and your chances of landing the HR or payroll position that’s right for you is much less without a plan.

Take the time to develop a job search strategy to best meet the unique needs of your HR/payroll career to-date and desired position.

A strong job search strategy is made up of many different elements. Whether it’s nailing down the kind of cover letter and resume to set you apart from your competition, or locating the best job board for your industry, your strategy should be as unique as the qualifications you have to offer.

Have a Path
Any good strategy starts with some discovery, so do yours by researching the job market and what’s available. From there map your HR/payroll skills, talents, values, and goals to create a solid direction for your job search. Determining your needs for your HR/payroll career to take the next logical step allows you to seek out the companies and positions that meet them.

Have a Destination
Searching for a job can be time consuming and overwhelming without focus. Focus on level of job. Focus on geography. Focus on type of company. You will have to narrow down your search or you will be all consumed with applying for HR and payroll opportunities that simply don’t match with where you want to land. Effective time management during your HR/payroll job search is often the key to employment. And for those destinations you want to reach, set some informational interviews up at target companies.

Use Your Unique Set of Skills
Your strategy to find an HR/payroll job should leverage your own experience beyond your concrete HR/payroll experience. Do you thrive in a corporate or entrepreneurial environment? Is there an industry with specific needs you have experience in? Is there a certain role or function you have a proven track record with that others do not and what type(s) of companies need that? Put yourself in position to have an edge over your competition for with your uniqueness.

Put Others to Work for You
Your time is limited so use resources like Willory – focused on HR & payroll jobs – to land your next opportunity. Also put feelers out among your network to get as many eyes looking for you as possible. I can think of no better strategy that deploys others to help you find your next awesome HR/payroll job!


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