Getting Past a Job Gap

gpEven with the economy bouncing back, there are still a lot of great people who have had difficulty landing an opportunity.  At the same time, life’s circumstances can lead to a prolonged time when you are “between jobs” by your own choice.  The downside with employment gaps, be it by your own choice or not, is that they can look troubling on your resume.  So how do you get past this? Here are a few ways:

Functional Resume
Instead of the classic, reverse chronological order resume that clearly shows these gaps, setup your resume highlighting your skills and accomplishments. Within each skill, place your work experience.  The one caveat with this approach is that many readers don’t care for this format and find it disorienting.

Fill the Gaps with Career Development
Volunteer opportunities, online courses or certification programs, and workshops can all serve as filler for time in between jobs.  If you had an unpaid position or internship, include it on your resume. Each of these activities shows you building your experience and skill set.

Consulting and Freelance Count
If you have consulting positions or freelance positions in between jobs, incorporate them on your resume.


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