Happy #GivingTuesday

Part of Team Willory volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House.
Part of Team Willory volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House.

You may be reading the title and thinking to yourself, “Ugh, yet another made up ‘holiday’ to follow Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday,” but #GivingTuesday, with it’s very altruistic mission is indeed different.

According to GivingTuesday.org, it’s a “global day dedicated to giving back.” The goal is for charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world to come together, celebrate generosity, and to give. Started in 2012, #GivingTuesday now has over 30,000 partners in 68 countries and boasts an estimated 470% increase in online donations on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

I first heard of #GivingTuesday in its second year while working at a nonprofit museum. While we didn’t know about the event prior to the day, we understood first-hand its significance. The holidays also coincide with the end of the year, a time when many nonprofits are spread incredibly thin and are spending countless hours trying to figure out how to best use their money. #GivingTuesday highlights the need and importance of charitable giving.

For a successful company, participating in charitable giving and volunteering can have incredibly positive outcomes. Giving helps garner support, from both internal and external stakeholders. Did you know that 85 percent of consumers think positively on organizations that give back to the community? From an internal perspective, it helps boost morale amongst employees when they know you care about what is important to them.  Additionally, you can always take the tax deductions and receive free publicity for your charity work. These are more like an added bonus than a consideration to contributing.

If you’re thinking about creating a charitable giving process, you should conduct in-depth research about the possible organizations. Think about local vs. national, cultural alignment, who your costumers support, and what kind of donation(s) you will be making. Contemplate whether you want to donate once, ongoing, fundraise, or organize volunteers.

While we work on formalizing our charitable giving process, we have three organizations we consistently support. Each of the organizations have different focuses and positively impact Northeast Ohio. We currently give to:

  • Challenge Golf, Akron General Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation: According to their website, “Golf has proven to be a wonderful way for people with disabilities to refocus on their abilities and redirect their thoughts to the positive side of life.” The recreational therapist at Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation work with children and adults with a wide array of physical and developmental challenges, either introducing the game to them or helping them relearn it in a new. Learn more on their website,>>
  • Ohio Guidestone: According to their website, they “offer a unique blend of behavioral health treatment services, skill building programs and prevention opportunities for children and families.” In many cases, their clients struggle with a lack of education and Ohio Guidestone works with them to overcome this obstacle and thrive. Learn more on their website or check out their Instagram for how people are celebrating #GivingTuesday.
  • Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland: Over the summer, members of Team Willory volunteered to make tacos for the Cleveland branch of this National Organization and had such a blast. RMH of Cleveland “supports families whose children receive treatment at an area medical centers by providing a home-like environment and essential resources and service.” They believe that having a sick child’s family close by helps the child heal faster and cope better. You can learn more on their website.>>

We hope you take this opportunity to participate in #GivingTuesday, it can be a truly impactful way to spend a few dollars this holiday season.


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