This Year I Resolve to Make My Business…

It’s a new year, it’s time for evaluating your business practices and implementing changes that will make 2013 prosperous. What are your goals or resolutions for your business? I’m sure you have strategic goals for products and services, sales, etc… But do you have staffing goals? Do you have a plan to have the right people in place as you grow? Do you have strategies in place to maximize the staff you have? We always say our most valuable asset is our staff… so shouldn’t we have a strategy around this vital area?

Increase performance – What’s the best way to increase productivity? Set a big goal. Small goals are achievable, but they’re not inspirational. Small goals beget mediocre results. A broad, positive, change-oriented vision is inspiring, and will motivate you and your employees to have success. Break the big vision down into smaller, more achievable goals, but always keep the big picture in mind.

Focus on your customers – Internal or external… make sure to ask for feedback on yourself and your employees – take it to heart, and make changes. And if time is being spent on tasks that do not create customer value (again, internally or eternally) omit them.

Resolve to focus… and encourage your employees to do the same – It’s a simple thing really, make a list of items, get them done if higher priorities come up… but focus on achievement and time management. Check your email a few times a day, instead of letting it run your day.

Be realistic – There are some employees that, forever what reason, just aren’t a right fit. Maybe they were at one time… maybe they never were. Don’t settle and make your team as strong as possible. A staffing firm like Willory can help you understand what the market is like, what kind of bench there is in the workforce, and can even provide a try/buy opportunity for you to see if a candidate is a good fit.

Be prepared – Like it or not, employees sometimes leave – for a better job, another city, or a personal reason. Be ready for the unexpected – have a mental list of potential replacements top of mind. This can help alleviate some of the stress caused by an opening.

Be strategic – The most important “tip” is to take a step back, understand where your staff is and whether you need to add to staff, promote an individual, or move an individual out… all tough decisions, but taking a step back, looking at your organizations goals, and understanding if the right pieces are in place to achieve these goals is critical.

Promoting an employee can also be dangerous. First and foremost, the employee must fit the new position, especially if the requirements or responsibilities are drastically different than their current work. People skills and practical knowledge are more important than technical skills–those can be learned. Let people within your company know if there are promotions available, what skills they have and those they could work on. Regular communication with employees is key for a successful employee/employer relationship and a successful business. With any promotion or hire you should be able to list the reasons for hiring them, and be sure to evaluate the potential cons of a particular hire. Finally, be sure to respect your employee’s decision if they decide to reject a promotion; they know themselves and their abilities better than you do.

The new year can be a time to implement key changes within your business. Use these ideas to create a plan that will allow increased success and productivity within your business.


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