Have a Holly Jolly Job Search!

Make your list… check it twice… and get moving!  Because during what many assume to be “down time” between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is actually a great time to find a job!  Why? Well let’s look at it from a hiring company perspective.

The end of the year is typically a time to budget and plan for the following year – and with that planning inevitably comes talk of changing roles and new head count.  So a company will put out feelers… starting to see “who’s out there” so that if the right candidate is ready, they can hit the ground running on January 2nd.

Also, while marketing, sales and executives tend to take significant time off – you know who doesn’t? HR and payroll departments. And when marketing, sales, and executives are out of the office, there is more time for screening, interviewing… and hiring.

Finally, the myth that no one hires in December helps you – it cuts down on the competition. While others are waiting for January to start their search, you get a tremendous edge because there are: a) fewer candidates to choose from and b) you appear to be much more proactive and professional by continuing to work through the Holidays. Additionally, companies hiring payroll professionals in Ohio and HR professionals in Ohio are also increasingly looking for temporary help and consultants to help with end-of-the year goals. And maybe – if you do a stellar job – that human resources department or payroll department will keep you on full time after the holiday season.

Holidays are also a great time to network, as peoples’ schedules tend to be lighter and they are in the “Holiday Spirit,” so you’re more likely to receive help, feedback, etc. from your network.

Even in December – stay active… make a list every day of no less than 3-5 things to do to help advance your search.  Keep at it and 2013 is sure to be a Happy New Year.


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